Houston Industrial Training Institute

Web-based techical course content provider to universities, colleges, schools and training institurtions. We ask you to contact your local training provider to see if they carry our courses. If they do not, please feel free to click on "Web-Based Training" to take a course directly from us. However, if we find a provider has been assigned to your region, we (with your permission) will refer your application to them.

Our area of Expertise:

  • Process plants
  • Power houses
  • Oil refineries
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Chemical plants
  • Wastewater and drinking water

Web-Based Associate's Degree Programs

  • Our programs are totally web-based.
  • Easy, zero-interest financing available for all.
  • Full course is immediately made available to you at zero risk. That means, you can test the course to see if it meets your needs - without paying any fee - ZERO risk.
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Training Methodology

We specialize in web-based training which allows job-seekers or workers to learn in their own home at their own computer. Students can enroll any time and work at their own pace. We specialize in simulation and animation based training which allows people to master complex technologies easily. This opens doors for high-paying jobs to all - irrespective of whether they are currently employed or not.

Low-cost web-based industrial training, anytime, anywhere.
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